Introduction to the Parlay Roulette Strategy

by on January 15, 2013

The problem with many roulette systems apart from the fact that many are incredibly flawed is well they’re just boring.   It’s all very well coming up with a system to play roulette like Oscar’s Grind, and it’s probably one of the safest systems to play but it was developed by an accountant.  The reality is that casino games are supposed to  be fun, they’re supposed to be exciting and most players will accept the fact they’ll often lose as long as occasionally they get a shot at a big win and feel that surge of adrenaline.

Now many roulette systems which do offer a little excitement are I’m afraid a little hopeless. There are many stories of gamblers like Charles Wells who hit the jackpot using Martingale, yet these systems are normally fundamentally flawed for instance as soon as you see a table limit or the lack of an infinite bank account!

But a decent roulette system is worth using if you’re realistic about the expectations.   That is realising that’s it’s  merely a strategy and doesn’t alter the odds in any way, and also that there are no guarantees of winning.  They can add structure and discipline though and enable you to walk away without losing your shirt.

Here’s one system that may fit the bill, it’s called the Parlay Roulette System.

There are many variations of this strategy,  however the fundamental premise is that you specify a target and then make a series of bets in order to reach that target.

Here’s an Example  – How to Make $400 from a $10 Stake

Bet $10 on Red –  Win and Total is $20

Bet $20 on Black – Win and total is $40

Bet $40 on a Sixline Bet like 7-12 – Win and Total is $200

Bet $200 on Odd – Win and Total is $400

That’s all there is to it, a plan to turn your initial stake into a target win.  Of course you need to win each bet, to move onto the next bet in the sequence.  If you lose you return to the beginning and start again.  The people who play Parlay regularly will normally have a series of these sequences to attempt to complete before finishing their game.

The important point is that if you do complete your sequences, YOU MUST FINISH.  Don’t think you’re on a lucky streak and carry on playing, if  you reach your targets then stop playing and walk away a winner.  There will only be one winner if you carry on and that will be the house.  These systems have a chance in the short term but in the long run the house edge will inevitably defeat the player.

In some ways it’s quite a flexible method of playing roulette, although it can easily be adapted to any other game in the casino.  In some ways it’s merely calculating a target by using the odds, so you could play it with Baccarat, Blackjack or any game you fancy with  no real difficulty.   It does give your evening a goal and although it doesn’t guarantee anything it does give you the possibility of a realistic win.  The problem is that most people keep playing without a goal in a casino and play until they’ve lost their bank roll.

Why not give the Parlay System a go – just think of a series of sequences like the example above, don’t make them too complicated or long though.  Then take your sequence and run it through on our – Free Play Roulette, this will give you chance to refine it a little and make some modifications without it costing money.  If you test out your system properly you can play it from memory in a real casino or follow from notes.

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