New Bodog Slots – 3D Slot on Bodog Casino

by on August 31, 2015

We’ve had a few good Bodog slots coming out recently including some very decent 3d ones for those who want  a change from playing their favorite roulette system.  For those who are young at heart it might be worth checking out the new one from BetSoft which you can find on the Bodog Casino in the slots section.  It is based on the tale of Pinocchio and it’s definitely worth trying, it’s an interactive 3d slot which is based on the classic children’s fairy tale.

It actually has some sort of story line, well kind of, which allows you to control the puppet’s fortune and hopefully build your won.  The longer you play  the more the story line develops, from the start in the old shop where Pinocchio was created by Gepetto.   The story moves along in response to the full meter which is at the top of the screen.

Bodog Slots - Pinnoccio

Play 3D Pinocchio Slots for Free (Practice Mode)

Every time you spin, you collect coins which add to this fill meter which means the story moves on irrespective of how well you do in the game.  Everytime the fill meter is completed you move onto the next level and the slot machine changes quite a bit, there are lots of mini stories within the game too.  The narrative moves into school, then the final level is set on the stage where there is a performance by the puppet boy.  As is common with most of these bodog casino slots, there’s a narrative throughout the game.

Lots of games and animations during the game too, it’s a very friendly and easy to play game.  I’ve found out of all the Bodog slots the character based ones seem to be more entertaining.  I’m guessing if there’s license fees or royalties involved you need to put a little more effort into the gameplay. There’s neat little features like the ‘double up’ section where you can double (or half) your winnings based on the toss of a coin.   It’s an interesting development in the world of online slot machines with much more of an interaction from earlier efforts.  If you want to test out the features though without risking money, just follow the link above for access to all the bodog free casino games which can be played in free mode.  If you want to play other games they are all available there too including all the Bodog casino tables and other games.

It makes the game more appealing and interesting than the normal slots which have a tendency to zombify the players into simply pressing the spin button (or even worse the autoplay!) without any real interest in the game itself.   This is something you should be careful about in Bodog slots because they can be quite addictive. It’s been missing for a long time, the fun element is essential in these game so that players enjoy them when they both win or lose – although obviously more fun is had when your bank balance is growing.

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