Gambling in the Historical Atlantic City

by on January 13, 2018

Gambling In Atlantic City
Many visitors of course visit Atlantic City for a very specific reason – and that’s to gamble. But there’s much more here and to start you should take a historical Walking along the Atlantic City Boardwalk and review a few of the wonderful history of the grand construction by the sea.

It was first built in 1870, 16 years after the hotel city was incorporated by the New Jersey Legislature. Atlantic City and the shore has been viewed as a prime piece of property and its development has brought rich visitors to the newly built resort with sea views. Property along this stretch now is among the most expensive in the US but it hasn’t always been the way.

The initial cost of the boardwalk was around five thousand dollars and constructed 10 legs wide in segments of 12 legs. The first section of the boardwalk was committed on June 16, 1870. Yes it’s well over a hundred and forty years old now and in later years there has been increased protection. The planning restrictions have been designed to protect the structure which is obviously part of Atlantic’s City’s heritage. For example, no shops or commerce of any sort has been allowed inside 30 legs of the walk, and towards the end of every summer season for several years, the Boardwalk was removed and stored for the winter months. Nowadays this is also a chance to do some restoration work and apply protection to the wood.

Many have wondered why it was ever created? Well the answer is simply a practical one, simply to enable visitors to walk from their hotel and on to the beach. It turns out that people were previously put off by the sand. The builders however didn’t realise how much of a problem the sand would be. They ended up enlisting the help of a railway director and a hotel proprietor to make a walk way across the sand.

Alex Boardman and Jacob Keim introduced the notion of an eight foot wide wooden foot walk which could lead from the beach to city. The boardwalk was built from wooden boards arranged in rectangular designs called herringbone patterns. The boards lay on a substructure of concrete and steel. The boardwalk has been replaced quite a few times, for a variety of reasons ranging. For instance in 1884, 1889 and 1944 a huge part of the board walk was replaced because of hurricane damage.

A storm in 1884 has been the cause for a 3rd boardwalk to be constructed, twenty legs wide, two miles long. After so many problems they decided to put some protective feature in and installed some pilings with five legs over the shore so the tides could wash safely underneath. Safety wasn’t precisely this first thing you thought of when you arrived at the Boardwalk. In the start there were no railings, and reports told of at least someone falling off to be washed away quite regularly.

The duration changed each day and many people fell off these boards. It’s length has changed drastically over the years and presently 60 legs of the boardwalk was initially 1 mile long, and extends from the walkway.

The boardwalk prevented sand from the hotels and casinos and in this early 1900 and casinos and in the early. Once utilized entertainment piers were constructed along the boardwalk rich as a fashion runway for. The roaring 1920 visitors, the structure has been transformed into a source of amusement. Stunts, shows, this greatest big band music of this era, this original Miss America contest and parades have been all part of the amusement. Men and women in the most recent and parades have been all part of the amusement

Atlantic City has always been important to the state of New jersey because of the revenue it produces.  The gambling related revenue hit an all time high in 2017 of $245 million.  However lots of this revenue is now generated online as well, with the biggest player the Golden Nugget Casino.   This is likely to continue to rise as the US gambling laws are slowly being relaxed, with many people now preferring to play online.  However some caution should be considered with regards online gambling, it’s worth reading this article entitled –  “Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth it?”

There’s no doubt that they have their uses and indeed many people enjoy practicing or  learning the games online.   Using a roulette sim allows you to learn in a less intimidating atmosphere than a real casino.


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