What are Playthrough Online Casino Requirements?

by on July 12, 2017

If you fancy playing in an online casino, it’s tempting to go for the most generous looking offer and ignore everything else.  We’ve all seen these huge offers where it looks like a casino is actually giving money away.  To some extent it is possible for an online casino to be more generous, after all they have a fraction of the expenses of a real casino.   No physical building, no expensive licenses, business rates and trained staff for the games and security.

Even so some of these offers can be utterly ridiculous however there are usually some important factors hidden in the fine print of these offers.   If they look to generous and you’ve never heard of the casino then please leave them alone.   For legitimate offers, one of the most important factors you need to check is what is the playthrough of the online casino.

playthrough online casino

Playthrough is one of the most important wagering requirements and will almost always be part of any offer or deposit bonus you’ll find online.  It refers to the number of times you have to stake or bet your deposit before you can cash out your bonus.  It stops for example, placing a deposit and instantly checking out that 200% bonus without actually playing!  So what does wagered 30 times mean hidden in the bottom of the conditions – it simply requires you to wager that bonus 30 times before it’s eligible to be withdrawn.

For example let’s look at one of the most trusted names in online gaming – Betfair, here’s their main bonus page – Betfair 100% Bonus which offers to match 100% of the deposit.    You’ll see on the offer, the expression – X45 wagering requirement which refers to the number of times you’ll have to play the ‘bonus’ amount before you can withdraw it.  So for example a £100 bonus would need to be played 45 times – that is wagered  to the level of £4500 before you can withdraw it.  Furthermore the bonus will only be allowed on certain games maybe just on roulette or slots,  and on others it might not contribute to the wagering requirement.

It makes the bonus almost worthless other than a way to practice the games first, which is how you should see these bonuses.  The best way to playthrough casino bonus if you do want to attempt to win is to place it on even money bets but it will still take a huge amount of luck to withdraw any winnings from the bonus.  There is unfortunately no simple method on how to beat wagering requirements, they are there for a reason – to stop you withdrawing them

Betfair as a reputable company will be straight up with these requirements and bonuses but many online casinos are not.  The typical pattern is to offer huge bonuses but linked in with ridiculous wagering requirement which you can simply never cover.  The idea is to draw the player in with amazing offers and never actually pay out any of these bonuses.

It’s important to bear these in mind, wherever you receive a bonus there will be playthrough online casino requirement.  They can often be quite complicated to work out, with lower wagering limits like x2 but very few games counting towards the requirement.  In reality, it’s best to see the bonus as an added extra, but don’t choose a casino simply based on this.

If you can’t see the Terms and Conditions displayed on the bonus or home page then forget it, if it’s hidden it will probably be for a reason.  They all vary substantially but usually the reputable online firms, will end up being very similar in bonus level payments.

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