Free Play Roulette

by on May 19, 2012

If you want to test a system or strategy then always, always use a free play roulette game first.   There’s a few available online but only a few of them play a fair game. Unfortunately many are adjusted to make it easier for you to win – the idea being you’ll then go and play for real money.  Obviously these are completely pointless for testing a new system or strategy.

The one below is from Bodog so it’s obviously fair.  But it’s still a computer program and the spins are generated by a RNG (Random Number Generator) – so please remember that.   If you’re intending to use a system in a real casino this is only good for practicing the actual mechanics.

There’s another great free play roulette game which I use all the time, it’s streamed in real time from a casino in Dublin – it’s called Dublinbet Live Roulette.   This in my opinion is much better fun that these computer casinos and more importantly the game is not computer generated.  It’s perfect for testing roulette strategies that you intend to use in a real casino – because it helps you test in a real environment – you can play for money using the same site if you like.  It’s more fun if you wait until the casino is a bit fuller as there’s a much better atmosphere.

If you want to play for real – Click here for  Bodog Casino and  here for US Players

To access the Full game for real money – You can Visit Here – Bodog Casino

Check out this site for other versions of popular casino games which you can play for free.

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