Don’t Choose Your Online Casino Based on the Bonus

August 28, 2013

They can look pretty tempting, those huge bonus offers of free cash from the online casinos.  There’s plenty of bonus offers which match your initial deposit up to a few hundred dollars, lots more offer even more.  The casinos offer these as a temptation to get you past that initial registration phase and actually playing […]

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First US Gambling License Assigned

March 28, 2013

Finally it’s beginning to happen, the US torn between trying to run a free society, giving people the freedom to make money whilst of course battling a huge moral outrage at stuff like gambling has inevitably started to free up online casinos.  It was always going to happen really, as in reality the US strange […]

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Useful French Roulette Terms

February 15, 2013

You might think you’ll never need these, but it’s often surprising how many casinos use French words on their roulette tables.   Many of the best hotels in Europe have casinos and many of them use French terms to describe the bets. Of course you don’t need to speak French to play on these tables […]

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Introduction to the Parlay Roulette Strategy

January 15, 2013

The problem with many roulette systems apart from the fact that many are incredibly flawed is well they’re just boring.   It’s all very well coming up with a system to play roulette like Oscar’s Grind, and it’s probably one of the safest systems to play but it was developed by an accountant.  The reality […]

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Gambler’s Ruin – Something to Avoid

November 17, 2012

If there’s one single skill that separates the amateurs from the professional gamblers it’s money management.   Basically the task of obtaining the greatest profit from a single (preferably favorable) betting opportunity.   It doesn’t matter how skilled you are without sensible money management – there is only one single outcome, you’ll end up completely […]

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Is a Computer Generated Casino Really Random?

November 8, 2012

It’s been many years since I started playing roulette, to be honest I’m not sure why it’s my favourite.  I’ve played all the casino games from baccarat to Blackjack and although I enjoy most of them – I always come back to roulette. Sure it’s not as intense, and yes sometimes the house edge can […]

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Charles Wells and the Martingale System

October 10, 2012

Now we’ve covered Martingale on this site and there’s no doubt as a tactic for roulette it has it’s problem.  It does get some bad press though mainly because it’s often promoted with wild and ludicrous claims of it being some mystical secret to take to the casino. Well the truth is, it’s a long […]

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What the Casino Thinks – Winning or Losing

September 25, 2012

Now I don’t know about you but whenever I speak to someone who gambles they always seem to be winning.   Doesn’t matter if they play at the casino, horse racing, slot machines or whatever – the stories always seem to be about winning bets, jackpots and stuff like that.   I’ve certainly not heard […]

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Counting Cards – A Simple Method

September 12, 2012

Now I want to get something straight first, counting cards isn’t prohibited, criminal or cheating in anyway.  It’s merely utilizing your mind and considering your betting. It may seem that utilizing your mind is prohibited in several casinos,  nevertheless I can guarantee you it is simply that most people tend to gamble  like that!   Additionally […]

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Planning For Success in Roulette

August 27, 2012

Despite what many people think, the odds in roulette are actually pretty good.  Of course there’s a ‘house advantage’ but casinos wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t.  However if you restrict your play to European wheels with beneficial rules like En Prison that advantage is very low.  But just taking the basic game played on the […]

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