I love casinos and roulette is probably my favorite game, although I have recently become rather fond of Baccarat.  This site will be about one specific aspect of roulette and that is the variety of systems and methods that exist.  You may be surprised to find out the sheer number of such systems that exist.

Wherever possible I will try to include an opinion of the particular system, some of the mathematics behind it and clear guidelines on how it actually works.   All the major ones will be included here starting with the Martingale and it’s many variants.  The important thing to remember across all of these systems is the following two points which apply to them all –

  • No roulette system will change the odds of the wheel.
  • No strategy will ever guarantee you winning.

These are important points to remember, roulette like most casino games has a negative expectation.  That is you should expect to lose if you play it for too long.  The house has an advantage built into the rules of each game – it’s known as the house edge and you can’t get rid of it.  There are some who claim they have methods to nullify this advantage but all of them are incorrect.

European Roulette Wheel



Using Roulette Systems

You will see that although there is no inherent advantage to playing a system as far as the core probability is involved, there are usually no disadvantages either.  As long as  you don’t modify your expectations, most (but not all) are relatively harmless.

It is important to remember that roulette and all the games in the casino are meant to fun.  It is a form of entertainment not a money making pastime, sure sometimes you win but often you will lose – no system will change this.  If a system is boring then stop using it – there’s simply no point to playing roulette with or without a system if it’s not fun.  If you’re looking for money making schemes – playing roulette is not a smart one.

So enjoy our site and if you fancy trying out a systems feel free, eventually they will all be here as I transfer all the ones I have come across over the years.   Never pay for a system for a game of chance like roulette – it will be worthless.  If you want to try any of these systems then why not practice on one of our free games here – it will give you a chance to evaluate without losing a fortune.  None of the games featured here are modified or enhanced so they can be used as good indicator of any roulette or casino game strategy that you wish to test.

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Craps the Fastest Game in Town

by on February 14, 2018

Craps – it’s the fastest game in town, and the most exciting. Introduced from Europe to New Orleans in the l800’s, this dice game reached its peak of popularity in World War ll. That’s when American Gls discovered it, and it’s still a casino favorite. The layout looks complicated until you realize that both ends of the table have the same diagrams, and the middle is filled with proposition bets, which you’re better off not knowing about anyway.  It’s fast and furious, but just like it’s neighbor Keno you can win a lot of money with a modicum of luck.  You can also try out the rules in various freeplay online casinos – try this one through the link to play Keno online for real money.

There are four people who run the game of Craps and it’s important to understand all their roles. The boxman, sitting in the middle behind the table, watches the dice . . . settles all disputes . . . and crams all the money in the box, hence his name “boxman.” The two dealers, one on each side of him, pay off the bets on their section of the table. The stickman, who stands on the player’s side of the table, controls the pace of the game and barks out the numbers as they roll. He is called a stickman because of the limber rattan pole he uses to push the dice to the shooter.

Other equipment of the game includes the dice bowl, where spare dice are kept; the puck, which marks the point during each hand; and the marker buttons, some- times known as “lammers,” which are used to keep track of call bets and lOU’s. To start a hand, the shooter selects two dice and rolls them across the table so that they hit the wall at the other end. If he rolls 7 or ll he wins whatever he bet on the “Pass Line.” If he throws a 2, 3 or 12 he has rolled a “craps” and he loses his “Pass Line” bet.

He hasn’t lost the dice, though——just his money and his friends. lf he rolls a 4, 5,6, 8, 9 or 10 that becomes the “point” and he must roll that number again before he rolls a 7. And that’s it. The most important thing to remember about craps is that at no time are you betting with or against the house; you are betting with or against the dice. lf you bet with the dice or with the shooter, bet on the “Pass Line.” To bet against the dice, bet on the “Don’t Pass.”

When betting the “Pass Line” you should take the odds, once a point is established. This money, up to double the amount you have on the “Pass Line” (in casinos that have double odds) goes behind your original bet, and pays you the true house odds on any point number. It’s the only fair bet in the casino! You get two to one if the point is 4 or 10; three to two if the point is 5 or 9; and six to five if the point is 6 or 8. “Come Bets” are also popular if the shooter is rolling lots of numbers.  This money comes to the next number thrown with the exact same rules that are applied to “Pass Line” bets too. Remember you can also place bets and take odds on these too.


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