An Introduction to Whittaker’s Progression Roulette System

by on June 27, 2012

It’s not quite as well known as the Martingale system, but the Whittaker progression is a fairly famous variant. It’s obviously another progression system, where you either increase or reduce your stake according to the results. This is determined using a pre-determined progression system.

So how do we construct this sequence?  Well if you’re familiar with the Labouchere system – you’ll be fairly familiar with this method too.  Typically a Fibonacci sequence of numbers will be used – such as this – 1,1,2,3,5,8,13. You start off by betting a single unit of $1 if you win followed by another bet of a dollar – stay at this level until you win.  However if  you lose you must increase your bet to $2.Another loss would mean that you would have to be $5 this time.

Money Making Opportunities

Whenever you win, at whatever point in the sequence means that you must cross off the last two numbers of your sequence – in our example that would be 13 and 8. After this your next bet will again be $5.

Just to summarize if you win – cross two numbers off, if you lose then bet on the sum of the previous two bets.  When you complete the sequence (by removing all the numbers on  your list) you should start another list or go home and enjoy your winnings.

This is the main similarity between Whittaker and Martingale, both are systems based on a negative progression. By that I mean that you increase your bets when losing, then reduce them whenever you win. The theory behind this is simple, you will lock in any profits you win and then increase your stake in order to recoup losses quickly. Of course just like with Martingale, one losing spin can wipe out all your profits in a single spin.

No Guarantees with the Whittaker System

It’s important with all these systems to know when to quit.The main advantage of using the Whittaker Progression is that it help add a logical structure to your bets, it does not add any adtvantage to the odds. The matter of odds is answered in the same way as any roulette system ever made. The roulette wheel has no memory, the next number to come up is completely random. The last number has absolutely dividing this.

You should always have an exit strategy for any roulette system, win or lose when you reach either – walk away.  Roulette should be primarily played for entertainment, certainly not to make a living.  Even if you don’t win you should always have good memories of playing the game, you won’t do that if you lose too much.

Using a roulette system like Whittaker is not for everyone. Many players find it takes away some of the fun by having to stick to a set formula. So if you don’t like sticking exactly to systems – don’t play them.It’s especially difficult to finish playing when you are losing, but playing a system and not sticking to it, is a recipie for disaster.Having said that, when your luck is in, playing a progression system like Whittaker can feel like owning a money making machine!

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