I love casinos and roulette is probably my favorite game, although I have recently become rather fond of Baccarat.  This site will be about one specific aspect of roulette and that is the variety of systems and methods that exist.  You may be surprised to find out the sheer number of such systems that exist.

Wherever possible I will try to include an opinion of the particular system, some of the mathematics behind it and clear guidelines on how it actually works.   All the major ones will be included here starting with the Martingale and it’s many variants.  The important thing to remember across all of these systems is the following two points which apply to them all –

  • No roulette system will change the odds of the wheel.
  • No strategy will ever guarantee you winning.

These are important points to remember, roulette like most casino games has a negative expectation.  That is you should expect to lose if you play it for too long.  The house has an advantage built into the rules of each game – it’s known as the house edge and you can’t get rid of it.  There are some who claim they have methods to nullify this advantage but all of them are incorrect.

European Roulette Wheel



Using Roulette Systems

You will see that although there is no inherent advantage to playing a system as far as the core probability is involved, there are usually no disadvantages either.  As long as  you don’t modify your expectations, most (but not all) are relatively harmless.

It is important to remember that roulette and all the games in the casino are meant to fun.  It is a form of entertainment not a money making pastime, sure sometimes you win but often you will lose – no system will change this.  If a system is boring then stop using it – there’s simply no point to playing roulette with or without a system if it’s not fun.  If you’re looking for money making schemes – playing roulette is not a smart one.

So enjoy our site and if you fancy trying out a systems feel free, eventually they will all be here as I transfer all the ones I have come across over the years.   Never pay for a system for a game of chance like roulette – it will be worthless.  If you want to try any of these systems then why not practice on one of our free games here – it will give you a chance to evaluate without losing a fortune.  None of the games featured here are modified or enhanced so they can be used as good indicator of any roulette or casino game strategy that you wish to test.

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History of Mathematical Chance

by on July 19, 2017

Despite all of the obvious prevalence of games of dice one of the vast majority of societal strata of various countries during many millennia and up into the XVth century, it’s interesting to notice the lack of any signs of this concept of statistical correlations and likelihood theory. The French spur of the XIIIth century Richard de Furnival has been reported to be the writer of a poem in Latin, among fragments of that included the earliest of famous calculations of the amount of potential variations at the chuck-and fortune (you will find 216). Before in 960 Willbord that the Pious devised a match, which represented 56 virtues. The participant of the spiritual game was supposed to enhance in such virtues, as stated by the manners in which three championships could turn out in this sport in spite of the sequence (the amount of these mixtures of 3 championships is really 56). But neither Willbord, nor Furnival tried to specify relative probabilities of different mixtures.

It’s considered the Italian mathematician, physicist and astrologist Jerolamo Cardano was the first to run in 1526 the mathematical evaluation of dice. He implemented theoretical argumentation and his own extensive game training for the development of his own concept of chance. He advised students how to make bets on the basis of the concept. Galileus revived the study of dice in the end of the XVIth century. Pascal did exactly the exact same in 1654. Both did it in the pressing request of poisonous players that were bemused by disappointment and large expenses . Galileus’ calculations were precisely the same as people, which contemporary math would use. Consequently, science concerning probabilities at last paved its own way. The concept has obtained the enormous advancement in the center of the XVIIth century at manuscript of Christiaan Huygens’ “De Ratiociniis at Ludo Aleae” (“Reflections Concerning Dice”). Hence the science of probabilities derives its historic origins from foundation issues of betting games.

Ahead of the Reformation epoch the vast majority of people believed almost any event of any kind is predetermined from the God’s will or, or even from the God, by any other supernatural force or some certain being. A lot of people, perhaps even most, nevertheless keep to this view around our days. In these times such perspectives were predominant anywhere.

Along with the mathematical concept entirely depending on the contrary statement that a number of events could be casual (which is controlled by the pure instance, uncontrollable, happening with no particular intent) had few opportunities to be printed and accepted. The mathematician M.G.Candell commented that “the humanity needed, seemingly, some generations to get accustomed to the notion about the world where some events happen with no motive or are characterized from the reason so distant that they might with adequate precision be called with the assistance of causeless version”. The notion of only casual action is the basis of the idea of interrelation between injury and probability.  It’s something that we can see in everyday events and when we visit the games of chance in the Bodog’s casino.

Equally likely events or impacts have equal chances to occur in each circumstance. Every instance is totally independent in matches based on the internet randomness, i.e. each game has the exact same probability of getting the certain outcome as others. Probabilistic statements in practice implemented to a long run of occasions, but maybe not to a distinct occasion. “The regulation of the huge numbers” is a reflection of how the precision of correlations being expressed in probability theory raises with increasing of numbers of occasions, but the higher is the number of iterations, the less often the sheer amount of outcomes of this specific type deviates from anticipated one. An individual can precisely predict just correlations, but not different events or precise quantities.

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